Psychological Services

Services are Provided in English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati and Urdu.

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      • Stress, Depression and Anxiety Related Difficulties
      • Motor Vehicle Accident
      • Workplace Injury (WSIB)
      • Chronic Pain Management
      • Individual Counselling
      • Couple/Marital/Relationship Counselling
      • Parenting Concerns/Intergenerational Issues
      • Personal Growth, Self-Image and Self-Esteem Issues
      • Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
      • Grief including, death, separation, divorce
      • Social Skills, Life Skills and Assertiveness. issues
      • Psychological and emotional issues (depression, anxiety and fears)
      • Adjustment difficulties; Settlement and Adaptation Challenges

      Psycho-educational Services

      We offer psycho-educational services in the following areas:

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      • Anti-racism and Prejudice
      • Multicultural Competencies
      • Positive Psychology
      • Resilience
      • Leadership Skills
      • Group Dynamics and Team Building
      • Stress and Anxiety issues
      • Anger Management
      • Relationship Dynamics
      • Life Skills and Assertiveness

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      Psychological services start with the initial assessment. The purpose of the initial psychological assessment is two-fold:

      1. to get to know you, and
      2. to determine your treatment needs.

      During the psychological assessment, your psychologist will ask you a variety of questions about your presenting problem(s), background history, and current situation. At the end of the consultation, based on the recommendations of your initial assessment, the process of your psychological treatment will be discussed.  In addition, your availability to schedule your appointments, duration of a session, amount and mode of payment will also be discussed. Sometimes your particular presenting problems are not within your psychologist’s areas of expertise. If this happens, you will be referred to another appropriate professional who can help you.

      Psychological Treatment 

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      Psychological treatment or psychotherapy begins based on the initial assessment/case conceptualization. Psychotherapy is a joint venture, which means you share your experiences, feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Your psychologist listens carefully, makes connections, offers alternative interpretations of events, identifies unhealthy thoughts and behaviors, asks questions to deepen understanding, and provides new knowledge and skills. As a team, you and your psychologist work to overcome or better manage your presenting problem(s) and to enhance your coping capabilities.